What are we doing here?

Trustworthy Word was born out of a desire to equip churches with handouts as a resource for biblical teaching on various topics. We wanted to see the people of God think deeply about the Word of God and realize the implications that come about as a result.

One of the great things that we have seen happen though is that members of our church (South Fork Baptist Church in Hodgenville, KY) have begun to use the site as a mobile resource when they are sharing the gospel or having bible-centered conversations. Trustworthy Word has become for all of us a digital filing cabinet where with a few taps of the finger, we can quickly locate helpful resources to engage those we are having Christ focused conversations with.

Our hope is that you too will find Trustworthy Word as a resource you can utilize in moments where you have your phone, tablet, or computer with you. With just a few clicks we hope you begin to think deeply about the Word of God and see how that impacts your life.


Jonathan Carl

After growing up in the great state of Texas, Jonathan found himself in Kentucky after marrying his wonderful wife Brittney. Several years later he became the Lead pastor at South Fork Baptist Church where he now serves. Jonathan served in the U.S. Army as a Tanker and completed a tour in Iraq in the early 2000s. He earned his PhD in Evangelism & Missions from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in the spring of 2014. Jonathan & Brittney have three daughters who they enjoy spending every spare minute they can with.


Caleb Phelps

Caleb grew up in Hodgenville, where he went to school with his now wife, Whitley. He serves as the Associate Pastor at South Fork Baptist Church. Currently, Caleb is working on his MDiv in Pastoral Studies at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He and Whitley enjoy serving alongside one another in their hometown.


Image Content Team

  • Kim Cron
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Translation Team

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  • Scott Clemons
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