"God himself underwrites your battle and has appointed His own Son ‘the captain of [your] salvation’ (Hebrews 2:10)" William Gurnall

"Head knowledge of the things of Christ is not enough; this following Christ is primarily a matter of the heart" William Gurnall

"The soldier is summoned to a life of active duty, and so is the Christian. The very nature of the calling precludes a life of ease." William Gurnall

"We have known many who have joined the army of Christ and liked being a soldier for a battle or two, but have soon had enough and ended up deserting." William Gurnall

"Here is a word for Christians. Knowing your strength lies wholly in God and not in yourself, remain humble – even when God is blessing and using you most.” William Gurnall

"If you embezzle God’s strength and credit it to your own account, He will soon call an audit and take back what was His all along." William Gurnall

"If by negligence or choice you fail to put on God’s armor and rush naked into battle, you sign your own death certificate." William Gurnall

"It is not the man decked out in morality or philosophical virtues who will repel a full charge of temptation sent from Satan’s cannon; it is the man suited up in armor – that is, in Christ." William Gurnall

"Do not let anyone deceive you. Spiritual darkness can never be expelled except by union with Christ." William Gurnall

"Do not doubt for a moment that Satan will hurl all his fury at those who love God’s Word." William Gurnall

"Thus thousands perish who supposed they were armed against Satan, death, and judgment – when all along they were miserable and naked." William Gurnall

"Satan is not particular what lie he tells you; one will work as powerfully as another if he can get you to believe it." William Gurnall

"Perhaps you are a parent with a family under your wing. They fare much as you do. If your heart is feasting on Christ, you will never find yourself in short supply when caring for their spiritual needs. On the other hand, if your own heart is malnourished, they will go hungry for spiritual food." William Gurnall

"If Satan was too crafty for man in his perfection, how much more dangerous to us now in our maimed condition." William Gurnall

"The devil especially likes to tempt when the Christian is newly converted." William Gurnall

"Do not look on temptation with a wandering eye if you do not wish to be taken by it, nor allow your mind to dwell on that which you do not want lodged in your heart." William Gurnall

"The more eminent your service for God, the greater the probability that Satan is at that very moment hatching some deadly scheme against you.” William Gurnall

"He [Satan] labors to undermine repentance and overpraise good works." William Gurnall

"Satan is the greatest intelligence agent in the world." William Gurnall

"Study Satan’s tricks, and acquaint yourself with his tactics." William Gurnall

"Know your heart. Be intimately acquainted with yourself, and you will better know Satan’s design against you." William Gurnall

"Be prepared for another assault." William Gurnall

"The strength of your sorrow is not what carries you to heaven – but true heart repentance." William Gurnall

"Your perspective should be very different from the unregenerate." William Gurnall

"First of all, renew your repentance, as if you had never repented. Put forth fresh acts of faith, as if you had never believed , and you will beat Satan at his own game." William Gurnall

"Telling a trusting, godly friend of your struggles often brings relief. Satan knows this too well, so in order to more freely to rifle the soul of its peace and comfort, he frightens it into silence." William Gurnall

"God is wiser in His creatures’ weak sermons than Satan is in his deep plots." William Gurnall

"If he had been truly repentant, his sorry for one sin would have broken his heart for the others also." William Gurnall

"The saint who has been severely tested is best equipped to help other suffering saints." William Gurnall

"Rest easy, worried Christian. The duel is not between the church and Satan, but between Christ and Satan." William Gurnall

"Whether you like it or not, you must go into the ring with Satan." William Gurnall

"The man who allows one sin to command another, and thus to rule his soul, cannot be God’s champion." William Gurnall

"Jerome says one love extinguishes another – that is, the love of Christ much quench the love of sin." William Gurnall

"Nor trust too much in spiritual leaders. They too, are flesh, and their judgment is not infallible." William Gurnall

"Persecutors, whether by their tongues or their hands, are but the devil’s instruments." William Gurnall

"When reproached and persecuted by wicked men, look beyond them. Spend your wrath on Satan, who is your chief enemy. Men are only his puppets." William Gurnall

"But his most powerful title of all is ‘the god of this world’ (2 Corinthians 4:4). It is given to him because sinners grant him a godlike worship, mistakenly holding him in reverence as the saints do God Himself." William Gurnall

"He would not leave a soul on earth uninhabited if God did not call a halt to the procession. Christ’s saving and keeping power is the only thing that protects anyone from this intruder." William Gurnall

"If you are a saint, you do not need to fear that Satan will infiltrate your soul." William Gurnall

"You are and always will be the chief object of his [Satan’s] wrath. He wrestles with you at every opportunity." William Gurnall

"The devil’s rule is over those who are in a state of sin and ignorance, not over those who are sometimes sinful and ignorant." William Gurnall

"Does he hear the truth in a powerful sermon? Satan will sit alongside him in the pew and whisper nonsense to distract him." William Gurnall

"And if the sermon gets too hot, the devil will dull his senses and get him to doze until the service is over." William Gurnall

"Suppose a man’s conscience strains toward the truth. Satan may then send him to hear a cool preacher, whose senseless prattle will tickle his fancy rather than prick his conscience." William Gurnall

"Those in darkness have no power to resist Satan. He rules the whole man, shaping his apprehensions and distorting his perceptions." William Gurnall

"Christian, keep a loose grip on the material possessions you value most highly. Be ready at a moment’s notice to throw them overboard, rather than risk the shipwreck of your faith." William Gurnall

"Every ignorant soul is the willing slave of Satan." William Gurnall

"Dear saint, do not be too proud to go back and learn the basic precepts of the Gospel if you have not yet mastered them." William Gurnall

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"What a clever trick on the part of Satan, to make us think that if we cannot see something, it does not exist!" William Gurnall

"Christian, this is imperative for you to realize: When wicked or unclean thoughts first force their way into your mind, you have not yet sinned. This is the work of the devil! But if you so as much as offer them a chair and begin polite conversation with them, you have become his accomplice." William Gurnall

"Do not pretend you want to be led into truth if you will not bother to study the whole Word of God." William Gurnall

"Pride was the sin that turned Satan, a blessed angel, into a cursed devil." William Gurnall

"Great gifts lift a saint up a little higher in the eyes of men, but they also tempt him to pride. Do not envy those with great gifts; instead pity and pray for them." William Gurnall

"Where pride flourishes, the body of Christ suffers." William Gurnall

"Never forget for a moment that you will be held accountable for the talents left in your care." William Gurnall

"Steadfastly resist sins of the heart." William Gurnall

"Even your good thoughts are not impervious to Satan’s tampering." William Gurnall

"Pride wants to grow where the best gifts have been bestowed. So beware of pride!" William Gurnall

"The Christian must practice the same indifference in keeping his earthly possessions as he did in getting them." William Gurnall